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“How I went all around the world in one day”

Well that sounded cool–why not?

So the team over at Astoria VR sent me their Virtual Reality Headset along with a nifty bluetooth controller for review. I snapped my iPhone into it, made a couple of simple adjustments and opened one of the videos they gave me to play. The video – a virtual reality tour of The Grand Canyon. I knew I needed to find the “cool” item this Holiday… And I think I’ve done just that…

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I put the headset on and adjusted my view so that there were no edges around them. Suddenly, I was amazed. I was gazing up at the beautiful Havasu Falls. Turning my head to the right there was a stunning first person view of the Glass Bridge Skywalk. It appeared so real my fear of heights kicked in at the thought of going near it. You can hear the roar of the rapids as a rush of excitement fills you. The setting sun casts its warm glow through the towering canyon walls. Is this Virtual reality? I wondered. I was shocked at the level of details immersing me in nature.

Astoria VR Provides The Large Catalog Of Nature Tours To Choose From


The headset made me realize that the future is here. I was sitting in my office cubicle yet experiencing something so real. I selected another highly recommended nature tour from Astoria VR’s catalog of apps: Whitehouse Yosemite Virtual Reality Nature Tour. As the tour began– to my shocking surprise, President Barack Obama was the host! He was pretty good too! My Nephew, who believes he is going to be President one day, is going to absolutely LOVE this.


This headset not only does the job but gave me a perspective that I’ve always wanted. I didn’t find it hard to use at all – anybody with a cell phone can change their reality in just a couple of minutes. Pretty innovative, I must say. This made life a lot more interesting for an older fella like me–and the technology is very innovative. I cant wait to see the look on the kiddos’ faces when they open these. Best part is you aren’t just limited to nature with this virtual reality headset. You can sit court-side at a basketball game, football game, concert or even a Cirque Du Soleil show! Also, there are thousands of YouTube videos that support this headset now giving endless possibilities. Astoria VR sells their Virtual Reality Headset for just under $60 which I found to be a pretty good deal considering most retailers sell their headsets no cheaper than $100. The lenses in the Astoria VR headset are much sharper and higher quality than most others and best of all–it supports 4k!

Virtual Reality has come leaps and bounds in the past year or so. This device is a clear indication of where technology is taking us. My kids are surely in for a treat come Christmas morning.


You need to check this out immediately. You will not be disappointed!

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