Natural Pain Reliever Baffles Doctors – A True ‘Stem Cell’ Breakthrough

(San Francisco, CA) Millions of men and women have found a simple way to finally find pain relief without the need of expensive surgeries or medications. What was once a “controversial” treatment is now being praised as our generations greatest medical accomplishment. Stem cells can actually end pain while strengthening and repairing the body.

In this breakthrough discovery, Harvard professor Dr. McClain shows how these “stem cells” work to strengthen and repair muscle tissue. Dr.McClain is so confident in this treatment, that he takes them himself!

Dr. McClain found that a simple nutrient-combination triggers a phenomenon in the body that causes our own stem cells to reproduce. Stems cells are what our organs and tissue are made of and have the ability to renew themselves through cell division. This shocking new ‘break-through concoction’ has even famous NFL players healing faster than ever and stronger than they were prior to trying this. Take a look at what Dr. Rand McClain has to say about his unbelievable results.

Dr. McClain reveals the secret to releasing your body’s own super-healing powers: